Interfaith Harmony Halifax 2023 – Quaker Participation

Quakers are pleased to be a part of Interfaith Harmony Halifax 2023. There will be Quaker participation in Interfaith Harmony Halifax in the Interfaith Conversation Panel on Feb 6th with the topic of “Sound & Silence”. On Feb 7th Quakers will host a  virtual “sacred space”. Details can be found on the Halifax Quakers Facebook page and the Interfaith Harmony Halifax Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you then.


Truro Quaker Meeting House

News from the Truro Worship Group: We are happy to share with Friends that we have arranged for the use of a lovely cabin in the woods at 424 Chisholm Road in North River, Colchester County, for use as our Quaker Meeting House! We hold Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 2:00 pm and guests are always welcome, pursuant to Nova Scotia Covid restrictions. Here are a couple of pictures from today’s meeting. L-R outside the Meeting House are Mary Petrie, Dick Cotterill and Katherine Reed. For more information or to arrange a visit, call Dick at 902-893-4588.

Interfaith Harmony Week 2020

Halifax Quakers will be participating in World Interfaith Harmony Week 2020
Sunday 2, February 2, 2:00 p.m. – Local Council of Women, 989 Young Avenue, Halifax (at Inglis Street)
A brief introduction to the Quaker religion will be followed by a Meeting for Worship. Guests are invited to participate as we sit in a circle in silence, listening to the voice of the Spirit. One or another Friend may be moved to speak, perhaps on a spiritual subject, perhaps about a moving experience she or he may have had. We leave a space of silence between spoken ministry to allow the group to absorb the testimony. The Meeting closes with an elder taking the hands of his or her neighbours as we form a circle holding hands. A social time follows with light refreshments, friendly conversation, and questions.

All welcome
More information can be found on Interfaith Harmony Halifax’s website:

Upcoming Schedule Changes for Meetings for Worship

Jan 19: M4W at Ecology Action Centre  (EAC) (10:30)
Jan 26: M4W followed by M4W4B
Feb 2: M4W at the Women’s Council House (2PM)
Feb 9: M4W at EAC (10:30)
Feb 16: M4W at EAC (10:30)
Feb 23: M4W at EAC (10:30)
March 1: M4W followed by M4W4B

International Interfaith Harmony Week: February 3 to 10, 2019

Members of the Halifax Interfaith Harmony Library Sessions Planning Committee met at Central Library to plan Panel Discussions which will be held during International Interfaith Harmony Week February 3 to 10, 2019. Faith leaders from different faiths in the Halifax Area will discuss the meaning and importance of faith, and learning about different faiths, in 3 sessions held at different public libraries in Halifax Regional Municipality.Pictured, standing, are Roberto and Tiffany. Seated are Quakers Maida, and Jocelyne, our committee chair.

More information: 



Sunday, January 20th, 2019, Meeting for Worship is cancelled due to weather conditions.


Ruth Bishop – CUSO Volunteer

Ruth Bishop accepted as CUSO volunteer
Ruth Bishop, a participant of Halifax Friends Meeting, has been accepted for
a one-year volunteer teaching position with CUSO, starting in September. She will
serve in Myanmar, teaching English to government officials. Ruth has several
year’s experience teaching English as a second language to New Canadians – immigrants
and refugees to Canada. She has also served on our Meeting’s Peace and
Social Justice Committee, helping to promote peace and intercultural understanding.

A send-off luncheon will be held for Ruth, following Meeting for Worship,
on Sunday, July 9th.



Questioning Canada 150 Celebrations

Info about the event:

What does the Canada 150 campaign celebrate?  Whose perspectives are represented? How does it affect the self-image of those of us who see ourselves as Canadians, and how does it affect relationships between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of this land?  What are your questions about what this means and what we can do, individually or together?

Please join us for discussion and reflection on these questions and more.



7 PM, Wednesday, June 14



Theatre Auditorium (downstairs), KC Irving Centre, Acadia University

33 University Ave., Wolfville



Short films, radio clips, readings, responses, discussion and reflection. 

Light refreshments will be served.



This event is organized by settlers (non-Indigenous peoples) from Annapolis Valley Quaker Meeting and Horizons Community Development Associates, with support from Acadia University’s Community Development Program, in order to help each other unsettle our thinking about the birth of Canada.


Children Walking the Labyrinth at AFG 2017



Sunday, June18: Lee Webb

Sunday, June 25: Lee Webb

Sunday, July 2: Claire Henry