Interfaith Harmony Week 2020

Halifax Quakers will be participating in World Interfaith Harmony Week 2020
Sunday 2, February 2, 2:00 p.m. – Local Council of Women, 989 Young Avenue, Halifax (at Inglis Street)
A brief introduction to the Quaker religion will be followed by a Meeting for Worship. Guests are invited to participate as we sit in a circle in silence, listening to the voice of the Spirit. One or another Friend may be moved to speak, perhaps on a spiritual subject, perhaps about a moving experience she or he may have had. We leave a space of silence between spoken ministry to allow the group to absorb the testimony. The Meeting closes with an elder taking the hands of his or her neighbours as we form a circle holding hands. A social time follows with light refreshments, friendly conversation, and questions.

All welcome
More information can be found on Interfaith Harmony Halifax’s website: