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Dear Friends,

Due to the Bluenose Marathon and the blocked off streets around AST, Meeting is cancelled.


Well, Friends, another storm has started and we expect to receive 10-15 cm of snow overnight. So we are cancelling Meeting for Worship for tomorrow, March 29th.


Due to the messy weather predicted for Saturday night, it has been decided that it would be safer to cancel Meeting for Worship on Sunday, March 22nd.


Due to the impending snow storm, Halifax Monthly Meeting will be cancelled on Sunday, March 15th.


Due to treacherous walking and driving conditions, Meeting for Worship on February 22nd is cancelled.


Meeting for Worship will be cancelled this morning due to weather.


Due to the expected bad weather, Friends will not be meeting on Sunday, January 5th.


The fall programs held on third Wednesdays at the Dalhousie Multifaith Centre included speakers on “Why I came to Quakers” , “Habitat for Humanity” and “Peace Activist Mary Russell Chesley”.

The September program featured Friends Roger Davies, Claire Henry, Jane Gordon, and Laureen van Lierop, who spoke about some of their meaningful experiences with Quaker worship and service.

In October, Mel Earley gave a talk with slides, showing the work of Habitat for Humanity.   Mel has led teams in Central America, Africa and Europe, working cooperatively with the local community to create new homes.

Sharon MacDonald presented her research on peace activist Mary Russell Chesley, a Nova Scotian leader who spoke against Canada’s participation in World War One, advocated for disarmament, and was a leader in the Nova Scotia branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. The questions and discussions after the programs showed the interest of Quakers and guests in exploring these topics further.

The final “50th Anniversary Session” will be held Wednesday, December 17 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Multifaith Centre. A potluck Christmas supper will be followed by the reading of the Nativity Story, Christmas music, with everyone invited to join in the singing of Christmas Carols. For information, call Maida at 435-3784.



Halifax Friends Meeting (Quakers) Celebrating our 50th Anniversary Presents

SHARON MACDONALD, Cultural and Social Historian

“An Alternative Voice to the Pro-War Rhetoric in Early 20th Century Nova Scotia:  Mary Russell Chesley”

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014,  6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Dalhousie Multifaith Centre, 1321 Edward Street
Everyone Welcome.  Light refreshments served.



Sharon MacDonald, Ph.D.

Cultural and Social Historian, Sharon MacDonald has written extensively on women’s organizational culture and volunteer labour in Nova Scotia, particularly in wartime.  Her work on quilt and hooked mat history and her personal interest in social issues has led in unexpected ways to more trans-national research, culminating in a dissertation on women associated with Gandhi and the Indian independence movement.

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) began in the 17th Century as seekers gathered to connect to the Divine by quiet listening to the Inner Spirit. The Halifax Friends Meeting was established in 1964. Quakers hold varying beliefs, some deeply Christian, while others, drawing from varied traditions of the world, are Universalist Quakers. Quakers are alive and well today, working throughout the world for Peace, Justice, Equality, and Care for the Earth.  For information, contact Maida Follini at 435-3784 or follini@ns.sympatico.ca


melMel Earley was the speaker at our October 15t, 2014 session, celebrating Halifax Friends’ 50th anniversary.  Meeting at the Dalhousie University Multifaith Centre,

Mel talked of his experiences with Habitat for Humanity’s  “Global Village” program.  In this program, international volunteers work alongside local families in need, to build housing in communities around the world.  Mel has assisted in building homes in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Macedonia. In the last five countries, he was the team leader, supervising international volunteers and local workers.

Mel, who grew up on a farm in Ireland where the family  built their own houses and farm buildings, enjoys hands-on work with tools. Having retired from a career in the insurance business, he has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity since 2007.

Following the program, Friends had many questions and were impressed by the effectiveness of this organization as it brings together volunteers from developed nations and local inhabitants who pitch in and participate in raising homes in their own communities.

Among the group of Friends in the audience we were pleased to see Mel’s wife Liz, daughter Helen, and young granddaughter, Lucy.   Corrie Douma coordinated the refreshments, helped by Marie Welton, Claire Henry, and Sylvia Mangalam.

The next 50th Anniversary session will be held on Wednesday, November 19th at the Multifaith Centre.  Sharon MacDonald, Ph.D., will give a talk entitled  “An Alternative Voice to the Pro-War Rhetoric in Early 20th Century Nova Scotia:

Mary Russell Chesley”.   The public is invited. For information, call 902-435-3784.

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